This chapter contains a vision of the glory and majesty of Christ, the
mission and commission of the prophet, and the destruction of the Jews.
In the vision may be observed the time of it, and the object seen; who
is described by the throne on which he sat, \\#Isa 6:1\\ and by his
ministers about him; and these, by their name, by their situation, by
their wings and the use of them, and by their employment,
\\#Isa 6:2,3\\ and by the effects their crying to one another had upon
the place where they were, \\#Isa 6:4\\ and next follows the effect the
whole vision had on the prophet, which threw him into great distress of
mind; and the relief he had by one of the seraphim, and the manner of
it, \\#Isa 6:6,7\\ upon which a question being put, concerning sending
some person, the prophet makes answer, expressing his readiness to go,
\\#Isa 6:8\\ when a commission is given him, and the message he is sent
with is declared, \\#Isa 6:9,10\\ whereupon he asks how long it would
be the case of the Jews mentioned in the message he was sent with; and
he is told it would continue until the utter destruction of them,
\\#Isa 6:11,12\\ and yet, for the comfort of him and other saints, it
is intimated that there would be a remnant among them, according to the
election of grace, \\#Isa 6:13\\.