As, in the two preceding chapters, the hypocrisy and formality, the
profaneness and immorality, that should abound in the latter day, and
even among professors of religion, are prophesied of; so, in this, a
very ample account is given of latter daylight and glory; of both the
spiritual and personal reign of Christ, with the latter of which it
concludes. The light and glory of the church, in the spiritual reign,
are described, \\#Isa 60:1-3\\ the numerous conversions of persons to
it from all quarters, east and west particularly, are prophesied of,
\\#Isa 60:4-8\\, the great usefulness those should be of unto it, in
enriching it, and building it up, and in glorifying it, is declared,
\\#Isa 60:9-13\\, as also the subjection of enemies to it; the favours
it should receive from kings, and the fame and renown of it through all
nations and ages, \\#Isa 60:14-16\\, its riches, prosperity, peace, and
safety, \\#Isa 60:17,18\\ and the chapter is concluded with an account
of the more perfect state of the church in the personal reign of
Christ, when there will be a perfection of light and righteousness; and
the number of God's elect will be complete, and they will be all
together, \\#Isa 60:19-22\\.