The prayer of the church is continued in this chapter; in which she
prays for some visible display of the power and presence of God, as in
times past, \\#Isa 64:1-3\\, and the rather, since unheard of and unseen
things were prepared by the Lord for his people; and it was his usual
way to meet those that were truly religious, \\#Isa 64:4,5\\, and she
acknowledges her sins and transgressions; the imperfections of her own
righteousness, and remissness in duty, \\#Isa 64:5-7\\, pleads relation to
God, and implores his mercy, \\#Isa 64:8,9\\, represents the desolate
condition of Judea, Zion, Jerusalem, and the temple, and entreats divine
commiseration, \\#Isa 64:10-12\\.

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