This chapter treats of the same things as the former, the rejection
of the unbelieving Jews, and the regard had to them that did believe;
the conversion of that people in the latter day; the calling of the
Gentiles, and the happy state of the church in the last times. The
causes of the rejection of the Jews were their unworthy notions of
God, as if he was confined to the temple of Jerusalem, and to be
pleased with external sacrifices, now both at an end under the Gospel
dispensation; a better sacrifice being offered, and a more spiritual
worship set up everywhere; which notions are considered,
\\#Isa 66:1-3\\, and because they were set upon their ways and works,
and rejected the Gospel of Christ, they are threatened with ruin,
\\#Isa 66:3,4\\ and the disciples of Christ, whom they excommunicated
and persecuted, have a promise of divine appearance for them, while
vengeance shall be taken on their enemies, their city and temple,
\\#Isa 66:5,6\\, nevertheless, in the latter day, there will be a
large and sudden conversion of this nation of the Jews, which is
signified by the birth of them, which will be matter of great joy to
all the true lovers of the interest of Christ, \\#Isa 66:7-11\\ and
what will add to the prosperity, joy, and comfort of the church of
Christ at this time, will be the bringing in of the fulness of the
Gentiles, \\#Isa 66:12-14\\ at which time the vials of God's wrath
will be poured out upon antichrist and his followers, \\#Isa 66:15-17\\ and
the chapter is concluded with a fresh account of large conversions of
men of all nations, and of the union of Jews and Gentiles in one church
state, which shall long remain, and be undisturbed by enemies, who will
be all slain, and their carcasses looked upon with contempt,
\\#Isa 66:18-24\\.