James 2:11

James 2:11

For he that said, Do not commit adultery
That same lawgiver, who is but one, and is God, that gave out the seventh command, and forbids adultery,

said also, Do not kill;
delivered the sixth command, which forbids murder.

Now if thou commit no adultery;
do not break the seventh command;

yet if thou kill,
break the sixth command,

thou art become a transgressor of the law;
not of that particular precept of the law, the seventh command, for the contrary is supposed before, but of the sixth only; and yet by so doing, a man becomes a violator of the whole law; for the law is but one, though it consists of various precepts; and the breach of one precept, as well as of another, is the breach of the law: and besides, there is but one lawgiver, who has enjoined one command, as well as another, and whose legislative power and authority is despised and trampled upon by the violation of one command, as of another. This is the apostle's argument, and way of reasoning, proving the above assertion, that he that breaks the law in one particular instance, is guilty of the breach of the whole law.