James 5:18

James 5:18

And he prayed again
( 1 Kings 18:42 1 Kings 18:43 ) . Here also is no express mention of his prayer, but it may be concluded from his gestures; and so the Jewish interpreters understand these words, "Elijah went up to the top of Carmel", (llpthl) , "to pray, and he cast himself down upon the earth", (Mymvgh le llpthl) , "to pray for rain; and he put his face between his knees", (llpthw) , "and prayed, and said to his servant, go up now, look toward the sea"; and this he said while he was (wtlyptb) , "in his prayers" F9: and the effect of this his prayer was,

and the heaven gave rain;
see ( 1 Kings 18:45 ) .

And the earth brought forth her fruit:
which for the years past it had not; hence there was a sore famine in the land, ( 1 Kings 18:2 ) . Now the apostle chose to give this example, because it was a common thing for the Jews to ask for rain: we often read of such a doctor, that he prayed for rain, and it came; and of another, that he asked for the rains, and they descended F11: and his view is to observe, that the weakness and infirmities of the saints ought not to discourage them from prayer; and that they should be earnest and fervent in it, as was Elias, a man of like passions with themselves.


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