Jeremiah 17:15

Jeremiah 17:15

Behold, they say unto me
Or, "they are saying unto me" {y}, continually; these were their daily flouts and jeers:

Where [is] the word of the Lord?
that thou hast so often talked of? thou hast for a long time threatened us with a siege, and famine, pestilence, and the sword, and captivity, but none of these come to pass; where is the accomplishment of them? thou hast pretended to have the word of the Lord for all this; but where is it, or the fulfilment of it? so the Targum,

``where is that which thou hast prophesied in the name of the Lord?''

the judgments, as punishments for sin, he prophesied of. This has been always usual in all ages, that when God's judgments threatened have not been immediately executed, scoffers and mockers have rose up, suggesting they would never come; see ( Malachi 2:17 ) ( 2 Peter 3:3 2 Peter 3:4 ) ;

let it come now;
immediately, or we shall not believe it ever will; a very impudent, daring, and wicked expression: this is like that in ( Isaiah 5:19 ) . The Targum is,

``let it now be confirmed;''

or fulfilled; declaring as their impiety, so their infidelity; not believing it ever would be fulfilled.


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