This chapter is a prophecy of what should befall the sons of Josiah,
Jehoahaz or Shallum; Jehoiakim and Jeconiah. It begins with an
exhortation to the then reigning prince, Jehoiakim, his family and
court, to do justice, relieve the oppressed, and refrain from doing
injury to any; with a promise of prosperity upon so doing, \\#Jer 22:1-4\\;
but, on the contrary behaviour, the king's family, however precious
they had been in the sight of the Lord, should be destroyed, by persons
described as fit for such work, which would occasion others to inquire
the cause of such destruction; when it would be told them, it was for
their apostasy from the Lord, their breaking covenant with him, and
their idolatry, \\#Jer 22:5-9\\; then of Shallum, who was then carried
captive, it is predicted that he should never return more, which was
matter of greater lamentation than the death of his father Josiah,
\\#Jer 22:10-12\\; next Jehoiakim, the present king on the throne, is
reproved, and a woe denounced upon him for his injustice, luxury,
covetousness, rapine, and murders, \\#Jer 22:13-17\\; and it is
particularly threatened that he should die unlamented, and have no
burial, \\#Jer 22:18,19\\; and then the people of the land are called
upon to mourning and lamentation, their kings one after another being
carried captive, \\#Jer 22:20-23\\; also Jeconiah the king's son, and who
succeeded him, is threatened with rejection from the Lord, and a
delivery of him up into the hand of the king of Babylon, with exile in
a strange country, and death there, and that without children; so that
Solomon's line should cease in him, \\#Jer 22:24-30\\.