In this chapter the sins of the people of Israel and Judah are
exposed; particularly their idolatry, signified by playing the
harlot; which is aggravated by the number of lovers or idols they had
worshipped; by the many places where they had committed it; by their
impudence in doing it; and by the bad consequence of it, showers of
rain being withheld from them on that account, \\#Jer 3:1-3\\ and
the grace of God towards them is abundantly declared by frequent
calls unto them to repent and turn to him, and this after putting
them away, which is not usual, \\#Jer 3:1,8\\, the Lord expostulates
with them, and puts words into their mouths, what they should say to
him, even after they had spoken and done as evil things as they
could, \\#Jer 3:4,5\\ the sin of Judah is particularly aggravated, by
having seen what Israel, or the ten tribes, had done; their
impenitence, notwithstanding the divine call; their going into
captivity for their sin; and yet all this had no effect on Judah, to
restrain them from the like sins, and to engage them to repentance;
so that, of the two, the men of Judah were most to blame,
\\#Jer 3:6-11\\, wherefore the prophet is bid to go towards the north,
where Babylon lay, and Israel were carried captive, and call upon them to
return to the Lord, and proclaim his grace and mercy to them, only
insisting upon an acknowledgment of their sins, their idolatry and
disobedience, \\#Jer 3:12,13\\ and next the call to them to
return is repeated; to which they are encouraged by observing
the relations, they stood in to him, which continued, by promising to
bring a remnant of them to Zion, and give them pastors approved of by
him, and profitable to them, \\#Jer 3:14,15\\ which respect Gospel
times, and the latter day, when the ceremonial law would be
abrogated, \\#Jer 3:16\\, the Gentiles called, \\#Jer 3:17\\ and an
entire agreement between Judah and Israel, \\#Jer 3:18\\ and yet the
Lord expresses a concern how he should reckon them as his children,
and treat them as such, who had behaved so ill towards him; but his
grace gets over the difficulties; finds out a way, by putting it into
their mouths to call him their Father, and not turn away from him,
\\#Jer 3:19\\ and this, notwithstanding their great treachery to him,
perversion of their ways, and forgetfulness of the Lord,
\\#Jer 3:20,21\\, and they are again exhorted to repent and turn, with a
promise of healing their backslidings, which has such an effect upon
them, as to engage them to come to him, \\#Jer 3:22\\ acknowledging
their salvation is only in him, and not in their idols; and that sin
was the cause of all their calamities; and that shame and confusion
of face belonged unto them on that account, \\#Jer 3:23-25\\.