This chapter contains a sermon of Jeremiah's to the Jews in Egypt,
reproving them for their idolatry there; their answer to it, expressing
their resolution to continue in their idolatrous practices; and a
denunciation of judgments upon them, of which a sign is given. The
sermon begins with observing to them the destruction of Jerusalem, and
the causes of it, idolatry and contempt of the prophets, \\#Jer 44:1-6\\;
then follows an expostulation with the present Jews for doing the same
things, and exposing themselves and their posterity to the same
punishment, \\#Jer 44:7-10\\; upon which they are threatened with the sore
judgments of God that should come upon them, and cut them off in
general, \\#Jer 44:11-14\\; yet such were the impudence and obstinacy of
this people, that they declared they would not hearken to the prophet,
but persist in their idolatry; it having been better with them when
they practised it than when they left it, \\#Jer 44:15-19\\; to which the
prophet replies by observing, that for the idolatry of their fathers
their land was become a desolation and a curse, as at this day,
\\#Jer 44:20-23\\; and assures them that destruction would come from the
Lord upon them, which he had swore to, \\#Jer 44:24-28\\; and a sign of
it is given; the delivery of the king of Egypt into the hand of the
king of Babylon, \\#Jer 44:29,30\\.

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