Job 30:30

Job 30:30

My skin is black upon me
Either through deep melancholy, as may be observed in persons of such a disposition, through grief and trouble; or rather through the force of his disease, the burning ulcers and black scabs with which he was covered, as the Jews were through famine, in their captivity, ( Lamentations 4:8 ) ( 5:10 ) ;

and my bones are burnt with heat;
with the heat of a burning fever; which not only made his inwards boil, but reached to his bones, and dried up the marrow of them. Galen says F18 that bones may become so dry as to be crumbled into sand: the Syriac version is

``my bones are burnt as his who is in a hot wind;''

such as were common in the eastern countries, which killed men at once, and they became as black as a coal F19.


F18 Apud Bartholin. de Cruce, sect. 12. p. 107.
F19 (See Gill on Job 27:21).
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