Job in this chapter sets forth his then unhappy state and condition, in
contrast with his former state of prosperity described in the preceding
chapter: things had taken a strange turn, and were just the reverse of
what they were before; he that was before in such high esteem and
credit with all sorts of men, young and old, high and low, rich and
poor, now is had in derision by the meanest and basest of men, whose
characters are described, \\#Job 30:1-8\\; and the instances of their
contempt of him by words and gestures are given, \\#Job 30:9-14\\; he who
enjoyed so much ease of mind, and health of body, is now filled with
distresses of soul, and bodily diseases, \\#Job 30:15-19\\; and he who
enjoyed so much of the presence of God, and communion with him, and of
his love and favour, was now disregarded, and, as he thought, cruelly
used by him, who not only had destroyed his substance, but was about to
bring him to the grave, \\#Job 30:20-24\\; all which came upon him, though
he had a sympathizing heart with the poor, and them that were in
trouble, and when he expected better things, \\#Job 30:25-28\\; and he
close the chapter, lamenting his sad and sorrowful circumstances,
\\#Job 30:29-31\\.

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