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Job 32:15

Job 32:15

They were amazed
They were like persons thunderstruck, quite surprised and astonished to hear a young man talk after this manner:

they answered no more;
as they had ceased to answer Job, they did not undertake to answer Elihu, who had plainly told them their arguments were not convincing, their answers were no answers, and that they had done a wrong thing in condemning Job without proof; and that which they thought their greatest wisdom, and strongest argument, had no wisdom nor strength in it; namely, which was taken from his sore afflictions by the hand of God:

they left off speaking;
or words departed from them, as Jarchi; their speech left them, they seemed deprived of it: Mr. Broughton renders the whole,

``they shrink away, do speak no more, speeches be departed from them.''
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