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Job's three friends being silenced, and having no more to say in reply
to him, Elihu, of whose descent some account is given, a bystander and
hearer of the whole dispute between them, rises up as a moderator, and
expresses some anger both against them and Job, \\#Job 32:1-5\\; he makes
an apology for engaging in this controversy, by reason of his youth,
and they being advanced in years, \\#Job 32:6,7\\; but since there is a
spirit in man, that gives understanding to men of every age, and old
men are not always wise, he desires they would hearken to him while he
delivered his sentiments on the subject in debate, \\#Job 32:8-10\\; and
hopes to be heard patiently, since he had waited until they had said
all they had to say, and had closely attended to it, and which fell
short of convincing Job; and this he was obliged to say, lest they
should be wise in their own conceit, and attribute that to men which
belongs to God, \\#Job 32:11-13\\; he proposes to take a new method with
Job, different from theirs; and now they hearing all this from a young
man, they were filled with amazement, and struck with silence; and
after he had waited a while to observe whether they would say anything
or not, he determined to take his turn, and show his opinion also,
\\#Job 32:14-17\\; and the rather because he was full of arguments, he
was desirous to propose them, and was uneasy until he had brought them
out; and which he was resolved to do with all impartiality and
integrity, \\#Job 32:18-22\\.

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