Job 33:25

Job 33:25

His flesh shall be fresher than a child's
Being recovered from illness and restored to health, through the gracious dealings of God with him. This is to be understood not simply and absolutely, but comparatively, or with respect to his former condition; that he, who before was reduced to skin and bone, is now become fat and plump; and whose flesh was dry and withered, now moist, succulent, and juicy; and whose skin was wrinkled, now soft and smooth, and sleek; and whose face was pale, now bloomy and ruddy. The Targum is,

``his flesh is weakened more than a child,''

and the Vulgate Latin,

``is consumed,''

referring to his former state:

he shall return to the days of his youth.
His youth renewed, and he seem young again; become hale and robust as in his youthful days; see ( Psalms 103:5 ) .