Job 34:37

Job 34:37

For he addeth rebellion unto his sin
Or he "may" or "will" add F21, if he is suffered to go on at this rate, and is not stopped; as yet he has only committed, it may be charitably hoped, some sins through ignorance, error, and mistake, but if he is let alone he will proceed from evil to evil, to more ungodliness; to be guilty of presumptuous sins, of open treason and rebellion against God;

he clappeth [his hands] amongst us,
or "he will clap"; he will either clap his hands together as expressive of extreme grief and sorrow, of the agonies of his mind; showing extravagant impatience, and pouring out his complaints in the most bitter manner, see ( Ezekiel 21:14 ) ; or rather by way of joy and triumph, as having got the victory over us, see ( Psalms 47:1 ) ;

and multiplieth his words against God,
or "will multiply"; he has said too many things already against God, his justice in his dealings with him, ( Job 34:5 ) ; he will say more if he is not restrained. These are the reasons Elihu gives for a thorough trial and strict examination of Job; and they are taken partly from a concern for the good of Job, and partly on their account, that they might not be triumphed over, and chiefly for the glory of God.


F21 (Poy) "addet"; Montanus, Mercerus, Drusius, Cocceius, so in the next clauses.