Job 36:17

Job 36:17

But thou hast fulfilled the judgment of the wicked


F23 take this to be a continuation of the happiness Job would have enjoyed, had he behaved in his affliction as he ought to have done; then he would have been filled to satisfaction, by seeing the judgments of God exercised on wicked men, as on the Chaldeans and Sabeans, who had injured him: "and judgment and justice would have upheld thee"; when they should be cast down. But these words rather seem to be expressive of his present state, and the reason of it, he not being sufficiently humbled: and the sense is, not that he had lived a vicious course of life, as the wicked do, and filled up the measure of his wickedness as they; and so deserved to be filled with the like judgments as inflicted on them. Mr. Broughton reads the words,

``as thou hast fulfilled the sentence of the wicked, sentence and judgment have laid hold:''

but rather the meaning is, that he had "fulfilled the contention of the wicked" F24; pleaded as they did, argued with God after their manner: and therefore is said to go in company and walk with them, and make answers for them, ( Job 34:8 Job 34:36 ) . Wherefore

justice and judgment take hold [on thee];
afflictions in righteousness, or the chastening hand of God, in righteous judgment, had taken hold upon him, and would hold him until he was sufficiently humbled under them.

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