Job 37:13

Job 37:13

He causeth it to come
The cloud, and rain by it;

whether for correction;
for the reproof and chastisement of men for their sins, by suffering such quantities to fall as wash away, or corrupt and destroy, the fruits of the earth: or "for a tribe" F20, as the word sometimes signifies; the rain is sent, and comes only to a particular part or spot of ground, to one city and not to another, ( Amos 4:7 ) ;

or for his land;
some particular land he has a favour for, as the land of Canaan he cared for from one end of the year to another, and therefore sent on it rain in due season, though as yet it did not appear to be the object of his peculiar regard; or for the whole earth, which is his; and wherever rain comes seasonably and in proper quantity, it is for the benefit of it; though some think the land which no man has a property in but the Lord is meant, even the wilderness where no man is, ( Job 38:26 Job 38:27 ) ;

or for mercy;
to some particular spot, and to some particular persons; and indeed it is a kindness and benefit both to good and bad men; hereby the earth is watered and made fertile and fruitful, to bring forth seed to the sower and bread to the eater, see ( Matthew 5:45 ) ( Acts 14:17 ) ; the word of God is for the correction of some, and for the comfort of others, ( 2 Timothy 3:16 ) ; yea, the savour of death unto death to some, and the savour of life unto life to others, ( 2 Corinthians 2:16 ) . The Targum paraphrases the words,

``either a rain of vengeance on the seas and deserts, or an impetuous rain on the trees of the mountains and hills, or a still rain of mercy on the fruitful fields and vineyards.''


F20 (jbvl) "in una tribu", V. L. "uni tribui", Tigurine version.