Job 38:41

Job 38:41

Who provideth for the raven his food?
&c.] Not man, but God; he feeds the ravens, creatures very voracious, mean, and useless, ( Luke 12:24 ) ;

when his young ones cry unto God;
cry for want of food; which is interpreted by the Lord as a cry unto him, and he relieves them, ( Psalms 147:9 ) ; when deserted by the old ones; either left in their nests through forgetfulness, as some F26; or because they are not, till fledged, black like them, as others F1; when God feeds them, as some say F2, with a kind of dew from heaven, or with flies that fly about them, and fall into their mouths; or with worms bred out of their dung but these things are not to be depended on; it may rather respect them when cast out of the nest by the old ones, when able to fly, which is testified by naturalists F3; and with this agrees what follows:

they wander for lack of meat;
being obliged to shift for themselves, when God takes care of them; which is an instance of his providential goodness; and how this is to be improved, see ( Matthew 6:26 ) ( Luke 12:24 ) .


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