Job 39:25

Job 39:25

He saith among the trumpets, ha, ha
As pleased with the sound of them, rejoicing thereat, and which he signifies by neighing;

and he smelleth the battle afar off;
which respects not so much the distance of place as of time; he perceives beforehand that it is near, by the preparations making for it, and particularly by what follows; so Pliny F2 says of horses, they presage a fight. The thunder of the captains, and the shouting; they understand an engagement is just about to start by the loud and thundering voice of the captains, exhorting and spiralling up their men, and giving them the word of command; and by the clamorous shout of the soldiers echoing to the speech of their captains; and which are given forth upon an onset, both to animate one another, and intimidate the enemy. Bootius F3 observes, that Virgil


F4 and Oppianus F5 say most of the same things in praise of the horse which are here said, and seem to have taken them from hence; and some
F6 give the horse the preference to the lion, which, when it departs from a fight, never returns, whereas the horse will. This is an emblem both of good men, ( Zechariah 10:3 ) ; and of bad men, ( Jeremiah 8:6 ) .

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