In this chapter Eliphaz goes on to prove, and further confirm and
establish, what he had before asserted, that not good men, but wicked
men only, are afflicted of God, at least greatly, so as to have their
substance wholly destroyed and perish, which was Job's case; and this
partly from the case, state, and sentiments of all the saints,
\\#Job 5:1,2\\; and from his own observation and experience, \\#Job 5:3-5\\;
and then he proceeds to give some advice; and seeing afflictions do not
come by chance, but are of God, it is right in such circumstances for a
man to seek to the Lord for pardon and salvation, and commit his cause
unto him, \\#Job 5:6-8\\; who does many great things in a providential
way to the good of man in general, and to the disappointment of wicked
crafty men, and to the serving of the poor in particular, \\#Job 5:9-16\\;
so that it is best patiently to bear the afflicting hand of God, and it
is an happiness to be corrected by him, since he delivers such out of
all their troubles, and preserves them from many evils, and bestows
many good things on them; which would be Job's case particularly, if he
behaved according to the advice given, and which is left with him to
consider of, \\#Job 5:17-27\\.