This chapter, which some make the fourth, contains a prophecy of
God's judgments on all the antichristian nations at the time of the
Jews' conversion, and the reasons of them, \\#Joe 3:1-3\\; a threatening
of Tyre and Zidon, by way of retaliation, for carrying the riches of
the Jews into their temples, and selling their persons to the Greeks,
\\#Joe 3:4-8\\; an alarm to prepare for the battle of Armageddon, or the
destruction that shall be made in the valley of Jehoshaphat,
\\#Joe 3:9-15\\; and after that an account of the happy state of the
church of Christ, their safety and security, plenty, prosperity, and
purity, to the end of the world, \\#Joe 3:16-21\\.