John 11:49

John 11:49

And one of them, [named] Caiaphas
(See Gill on Matthew 26:3), (See Gill on Luke 3:2), (See Gill on John 18:13).

being the high priest that same year;
the high priesthood originally was not annual, but for life; but towards the close of the second temple, it came into the hands of the king, to appoint who would to be high priest F15; and it became venal; it was purchased with money; insomuch that they changed the priesthood once a twelve month, and every year a new high priest was made F16 now this man being in such an high office, and a man of no conscience, and of bad principles, being a Sadducee, as seems from ( Acts 4:6 ) ( 5:17 ) , who denied the resurrection of the dead, and was unconcerned about a future state; and having no restraint upon him, in a bold, haughty, and blustering manner,

said unto them, ye know nothing at all;
ye are a parcel of ignorant and stupid creatures, mere fools and idiots, to sit disputing and arguing, pro and con about such a fellow as this; what is to be done is obvious enough, and that is to take away this man's life, without any more ado; it matters not what he is, nor what he does; these are things that are not to be considered, they are out of the question; would you save the nation, destroy the man; things are come to this crisis, that either his life must go, or the nation perish; and which is most expedient, requires no time to debate about.


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