John 12:28

John 12:28

Father, glorify thy name
The perfections of his nature, particularly his justice and holiness, meaning in himself; by his sufferings and death; intimating hereby, that his Father's glory was what he had in view, and that the securing of that would give him an infinite pleasure amidst all his sorrows. The Arabic version, and Nonnus, read "glorify thy Son", as in ( John 17:1 ) , and the Ethiopic version takes in both, "glorify thy name, and thy Son": and indeed, what glorifies the one, glorifies the other; see ( John 13:31 John 13:32 ) .

Then came there a voice from heaven;
as at his baptism and transfiguration, and which came from the Father, and was an articulate one, and what the Jews call "Bath Kol", or "the daughter of the voice":

[saying], I have both, glorified [it];
meaning in the incarnation, ministry, obedience and miracles of Christ; and particularly in that late one in raising Lazarus from the dead:

and will glorify [it] again;
by supporting him under, and carrying him through his sufferings and death, and by raising him from the dead, and setting him at his own right hand.

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