John 2:22

John 2:22

When therefore he was risen from the dead
Which was three years after this:

his disciples remembered that he had said this unto them;
either to the Jews, or to them the disciples; though the phrase "to them", is not in the Vulgate Latin, nor in any of the Oriental versions. The disciples themselves were very dull of understanding the doctrine of Christ's resurrection; and so they continued, notwithstanding he gave them afterwards very full hints of it, until that he was actually risen; and then they called to mind these words of his, with others that dropped from him upon the same subject:

and they believed the Scripture;
that spoke of his resurrection, ( Psalms 16:10 ) , and on the third day, ( Hosea 6:2 ) .

And the word which Jesus had said;
concerning his rising again the third day at this time, and at others, as in ( Matthew 16:21 ) ( 17:23 ) ( 20:19 ) ; and they believed his word equally with the Scripture, it agreeing to it, and being founded on it.

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