John 4:45

John 4:45

Then when he was come into Galilee
That part of it in which Cana lay, as appears by what follows:

the Galilaeans received him;
willingly, readily, and cheerfully, with much delight and pleasure, and with marks of great esteem and respect: they received him into their houses, and entertained him, and provided for him and his disciples:

having seen all the things that he did at Jerusalem, at the feast
of the passover; the miracles he wrought there, see ( John 2:23 ) ;

for they also went unto the feast;
as well as Jesus and his disciples: they kept the feast of the passover, and went yearly to Jerusalem on that account: so Josephus speaks of the Galilaeans going to the Jewish festivals at Jerusalem, when he says F3;

``it was the custom, or usual with the Galilaeans, when they went to the holy city at the festivals, to go through the country of the Samaritans;''

which was the way that Christ now came from thence to them.


F3 Antiqu. Jud. l. 20. c. 5.