John 9:16

John 9:16

Wherefore said some of the Pharisees
Or sanhedrim, for they were not all of one mind, as appears by what follows:

this man is not of God;
meaning not the blind man, but Jesus; and their sense is, he is not sent of God, he does not come from him to do his will and work, nor does he seek his glory, nor is he on his side, or for his interest;

because he keepeth not the sabbath day:
this they concluded from his making clay of spittle, and spreading it on the blind man's eyes, which was contrary to the traditions of their elders: one of whose rules and canons is F14, that

``it is forbidden to put fasting spittle even on the eyelid on a sabbath day.''

An eye salve, or a plaster for the eye, if it was put on for pleasure, was lawful, but not for healing F15: but if it was put on, on the evening of the sabbath, it might continue on the sabbath day {p}.

Others said, how can a man that is a sinner,
or a sabbath breaker,

do such miracles?
as curing a man born blind, the like of which was never heard: those that reasoned after this manner may be supposed to be Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea.

And there was a division among them;
even in the sanhedrim, they could not agree about the character of the person that had done this miracle.


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