Joshua 11:16

Joshua 11:16

So Joshua took all that land
The whole land of Canaan, described as follows, both as to the southern and northern parts of it:

the hills;
the hill country of Judea, of which see ( Luke 1:39 Luke 1:65 ) ;

and all the south country;
where lived the five kings; and those of other places, the account of the taking of which we have in the preceding chapter, ( Joshua 10:40 ) ;

and all the land of Goshen;
see ( Joshua 10:41 ) ;

and the valley, and the plain;
the low places and campaign fields which lay between the hills and mountains; particularly all the plain and campaign country near Eleutheropolis, towards the north and west, Jerom says, in his day, was called "Sephela", or "the vale" F1:

and the mountain of Israel, and the valley of the same;
by which may be meant Jerusalem, situated on a mountain, and is so called, ( Ezekiel 17:23 ) ( Ezekiel 20:40 ) ; and its valley may be the valley of Hinnom or of Jehoshaphat, as they were after called, which were near it: some think the hill of Samaria or the mountains about that are meant.


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