Joshua 13:5

Joshua 13:5

And the land of the Giblites
This was another country that remained unconquered; the Greeks call it Byblus, and near to which Pliny F5 speaks of a place called Gabale, and is now called Gibyle; it is F6 said to be

``pleasantly situated by the seaside, and at present it contains but a little extent of ground, but yet more than enough for the small number of its inhabitants:''

it was in greater splendour, and its inhabitants of more fame, in the times of Ezekiel, ( Ezekiel 27:9 ) ;

and all Lebanon toward the sunrising;
or east of the land; all that inhabited that mountain remained unconquered, though the conquest was carried as far as the borders thereof:

from Baalgad, under Mount Hermon;
of which see ( Joshua 11:17 ) ;

unto the entering into Hamath:
which was the north border of the land; see ( Numbers 34:8 ) .


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