Joshua 15:3

Joshua 15:3

And it went out to the south side of Maalehacrabbim
Or the ascent of Akrabbim, as it is called, (See Gill on Numbers 34:4):

and passed along to Zin, and ascended upon the south side unto
which perfectly agrees with the southern border of the land, as described in ( Numbers 34:4 ) ;

and passed along to Hezron, and went up to Adar;
which two places being near to one another, as is very likely, are put together, as if one place, and called Hazaraddar, ( Numbers 34:4 ) ; and mention is made of Hezron, which is Hazor, ( Joshua 15:25 ) ; but not of Adar:

and fetched a compass to Karkaa;
which Jerom F23 calls Acchara, a village in the wilderness; and if the same with Carcaria, it was according to him a day's journey from Petra in Idumea; but that is not likely; see ( Judges 8:10 ) .


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