Joshua 15:33

Joshua 15:33

[And] in the valley
In ( Joshua 15:33-47 ) are enumerated the several cities belonging to the tribe of Judah which lay in the valley. Jerom F6 says, that now all the plain and champaign country near Eleutheropolis, which verges to the north and west, is called "Sephela", or the valley:

the two first of these seem to be given afterwards to the tribe of Dan, ( Joshua 19:41 ) ; between these two places Samson was born and buried, ( Judges 13:2 Judges 13:25 ) ( 16:31 ) ; they were both at the same distance from Eleutheropolis, according to Jerom; of Eshtaol he says F7, it is showed to this day ten miles from Eleutheropolis, to the north, as you go to Nicopolis or Emmaus;

and Zoreah,
of which he calls Saara, he says F8 it is a village on the borders of Eleutheropolis, as you go to Nicopolis, about ten miles of it in the tribe of Dan or Judah;

and Ashnah,
of which no mention is made elsewhere; there was another place of the same name, but different from this, ( Joshua 15:43 ) .


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