Joshua 15:32

Joshua 15:32

And Lebaoth
Whether Lebaoth is the same with Bethlebaoth, given to the tribe of Simeon, ( Joshua 19:6 ) ; is not certain;

and Shilhim
is nowhere else spoken of;

and Ain
seems to be the same with that in ( Numbers 34:11 ) ; also (See Gill on Numbers 34:11)

and Rimmon,
the place Jerom F5 calls Eremmon, which he says was a large village of the Jews, sixteen miles from Eleutheropolis to the south, in Daroma; this and the preceding are joined together as one, and called Enrimmon, ( Nehemiah 11:29 ) . It is probable they were near to each other, and in process of time the buildings of each might increase, so as to meet and join each other:

all the cities [are] twenty and nine, with their villages;
but according to our version, and as we point them, they are thirty eight; some make them thirty six, others thirty seven; the Jews generally make thirty eight of them, as we do, and account for the difference of number thus; that nine of these cities were given to the tribe of Simeon, ( Joshua 19:1-9 ) ; and these being taken out of the thirty eight, there remain twenty nine; so Jarchi and Kimchi account for it; but as the number of the cities is uncertain, and this account is given before the separation of the nine, and they are all reckoned together, this does not seem to be satisfactory; rather, as Abarbinel observes, the twenty nine of the places enumerated were cities, and the other were villages, unwalled towns, or not of so much note as the twenty nine.


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