Joshua 15:35

Joshua 15:35

Jarmuth, and Adullam
The two first of these were royal cities, of which see ( Joshua 10:3 ) ( 12:15 ) ;

Jerom says F13 there were two little villages in his day of the name of Socho, as you go to Aelia (or Jerusalem), from Eleutheropolis, in the ninth mile on the public way, one in the mountain, and the other in the plain, (the same with this,) both of which were called Socoth: of this place was Antigonus, president of the sanhedrim, and successor of Simeon the just, called in the Misnah F14 a man of Socho;

and Azekah; (See Gill on Joshua 10:10); it appears to be near to Socoh from ( 1 Samuel 17:1 ) , where the Philistines are said to pitch their camp between them.


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