Joshua 15:37

Joshua 15:37

Here begins another list or catalogue of the cities in the valley or plain. Zenan perhaps is the same with Zaanan, ( Micah 1:11 ) ;

and Hadashah
was so small a city in Judea in the times of the Misnic doctors, that they say F20 it had but fifty dwellings in it; and Jerom speaks F21 of a place called Adasa, in the tribe of Judah, in his times a village near Guphua; it should be Taphna;

and Migdalgad,
of which we nowhere else read; some think it had its name from some famous exploit done here by one of the tribe of Gad, who came over with Joshua to assist in the war, as the stone of Bohan the Reubenite, ( Joshua 15:6 ) .


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