Joshua 15:41

Joshua 15:41

And Gederoth
Gederoth is reckoned among the cities of the low country, and south of Judah, ( 2 Chronicles 28:18 ) ;

and Bethdagon;
in it very probably was a temple of Dagon, which was a principal deity of the Philistines, ( 1 Samuel 5:2 ) ; Jerom says F24 in his time was shown a large village called Capherdagon, between Diospolis and Jamnia; of Naamah, the same writer says nothing, only that it was a city of the tribe of Judah;

and Makkedah;
see ( Joshua 10:10 ) ; it was a royal city, ( Joshua 12:16 ) ;

sixteen cities with their villages;
and is the exact number of them, as before enumerated.


F24 De loc. Heb. fol. 89. F.