Joshua 18:8

Joshua 18:8

And the men arose, and went away
The seven tribes took the advice of Joshua, chose three men out of each tribe, and presented them to him, who gave them their commission and instruction to go and describe the land of Canaan, not yet disposed of, and whether subdued, or not subdued; upon which they prepared for their journey, and took it, after he had given them the following charge:

and Joshua charged them that went to describe the land;
before they departed from him:

saying, go and walk through the land;
and take particular notice, and an exact survey of it, both of the quality and the quantity of it:

and describe it;
its cities and towns, hills and dales, the goodness and badness of the soil, and put it down in a book, or lay it out in a map, that it may be discerned by the eye what number of cities, and what space of ground it contains, and what parts are hilly and woody, and what otherwise:

and come again to me;
to make a report of it:

that I may cast lots for you before the Lord in Shiloh;
that is, for the several tribes which they belonged to, and by whom they were chosen for this purpose.