Joshua 19:12

Joshua 19:12

And turned from Sarid eastward
This describes the southern border, going on from west to east:

towards the sunrising, unto the border of Chislothtabor;
this Jerom places in the tribe of Issachar, it bordered on both tribes; and he says F12, that in his time there was a little village called Chaselus, eight miles from Diocaesarea, at the foot of Mount Tabor in the plains:

and then goeth out to Daberath;
which also was a city in the tribe of Issachar, given to the Levites, ( Joshua 21:28 ) . Jerom F13 speaks of a little village of the Jews by Mount Tabor, of the country belonging to Diocaesarea, called Dabira; this place is still in being. Mr. Maundrell says F14, at the bottom of Tabor westward stands Debarah, supposed by some to take its name from Deborah, the famous judge and deliverer of Israel:

and goeth up to Japhia;
this Jerom F15 says is the town called Sycamine, as you go from Caesarea to Ptolemais, above the sea, because of Mount Carmel, called Epha, thought by some to be the Jebba of Pliny {p}. It seems, however, to be the Japha of Josephus F17, which he speaks of as being a strong fortified place both by nature and art.


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