Joshua 2:15

Joshua 2:15

Then she let them down by a cord through the window
Which must be large, and the cord strong, as well as she herself a masculine woman, to let down two men by it, unless she employed any of her servants in the affair; though this being so great a secrecy, it is probable she trusted none of her domestics with it as little as possible: in like manner the Apostle Paul was let down by the wall of Damascus in a basket, ( Acts 9:25 ) ; Jarchi supposes it was the same cord and window, by means of and in at which her gallants used to come and go:

for her house [was] upon the town wall;
in a suitable and convenient place to receive her guests and gallants: and it is observed, that harlots have had their houses on or under walls: Martial speaks of harlots whom he calls F12 Summoenianae, whores that plied under the walls and in the suburbs of cities:

and she dwelt upon the wall;
that part of the house in which she particularly dwelt was built on or over the wall, and the rest towards the city was for the entertainment of persons that resorted to her house.


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