Joshua 2:23

Joshua 2:23

So the two men returned, and descended from the mountain
Or came down from it again, by which, it seems, they went to the top of it, and hid themselves in some cave there: this descent, Kimchi says, was,

``on the third day of their being sent, which was the second day of the three days Joshua made mention of when he said, "within three days";''

(See Gill on Joshua 1:11);

and passed over;
that is, the river Jordan, at the fords of it:

and came to Joshua the son of Nun;
at Shittim, where he still continued, and from whence he sent them, ( Joshua 2:1 ) ;

and told him all [things] that befell them;
what house they went into when come to Jericho, what reception they met with, the report of them to the king of Jericho, how messengers were sent by him to demand them, and by what means they were preserved and made their escape.

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