This chapter gives an account of the spies sent by Joshua to Jericho,
and of their entrance into the house of Rahab, who hid them from the
king's messengers, \\#Jos 2:1-7\\; of the relation she gave them of the
fear and dread of Israel, which were fallen upon the Canaanites,
\\#Jos 2:8-11\\; and of the request she made to them, to save her and her
father's house, when the city should be taken, and to have a sure sign
of it given her, \\#Jos 2:12,13\\; which the spies solemnly promised, and
gave her a sign of it, with a charge not to discover the matter to any,
\\#Jos 2:14-20\\; and being let down by a cord through the window of her
house, they made their escape to a mountain, where they lay three days,
and then returned to Joshua, and made their report, \\#Jos 2:21-24\\.

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