The war with the Canaanites being ended, Joshua called to him the two
tribes of Reuben and Gad, and the half tribe of Manasseh, who came over
Jordan with him to assist in it, and commended them for their obedience
to Moses and to himself, and to God by them; and then dismissed them,
with some instructions to keep the ways and worship of God, and with
his blessing upon them, \\#Jos 22:1-8\\; upon which they returned to their
country, and when they came to the borders of it set up an altar by
Jordan, \\#Jos 22:9,10\\; which, when the children of Israel heard of, it
gave them great offence, they fearing they were going to make a revolt
from the pure worship of God, and therefore sent a deputation of
princes to them, with the son of the high priest, to inquire into the
matter, and expostulate with them about it, who did, \\#Jos 22:11-20\\; and
who received from them a very satisfactory answer, \\#Jos 22:21-31\\; with
which they returned and reported to the children of Israel, and which
gave them pleasure, \\#Jos 22:32-34\\.