Joshua 24:30

Joshua 24:30

And they buried him in the border of his inheritance
In a field belonging to his estate; for they buried not in towns and cities in those times. The Greek version adds,

``and they put into the tomb, in which he was buried, the stone knives with which he circumcised the children of Israel at Gilgal, when he brought them out of Egypt;''

and an Arabic writer F5 affirms the same, but without any foundation:

in Timnathserah, which [is] in Mount Ephraim;
which was his city, and where he dwelt; and of which (See Gill on Joshua 19:50); and his grave was near the city; here, they say F6, his father Nun, and Caleb also, were buried:

on the north side of the hill of Gaash;
of the brooks or valleys of Gnash mention is made in ( 2 Samuel 23:30 ) ; which very probably were at the bottom of this hill.


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