Joshua is encouraged to go up and take Ai, and is directed what method
to make use of, \\#Jos 8:1,2\\; accordingly he set an ambush on the west
side of it, and, he and the rest of the army went up before it,
\\#Jos 8:3-13\\; which, when the king of Ai saw, he and all his forces
came cut against them, and the Israelites making a feint as if they
were beaten, drew on the men of Ai to pursue them, upon which the
ambush arose and entered the city and set fire to it, \\#Jos 8:14-19\\;
the smoke of which being observed by Joshua and Israel, they turned
back upon the pursuers, and the ambush sallying out of the city behind
them, made an entire destruction of them, then slew all the
inhabitants, took the spoil, burnt the city, and hanged the king of
it, \\#Jos 8:20-29\\; after this Joshua built an altar at Ebal, wrote
the law on stones, and read the blessings and curses in it before all
Israel, \\#Jos 8:30-35\\.