Judges 1:31

Judges 1:31

Neither did Asher drive out the inhabitants of Accho
The same with Ptolemais, (See Gill on Acts 21:7); so called from the first Ptolemy king of Egypt, who enlarged it; but it has since recovered its ancient name pretty nearly, and is now called Acca or Acra.

``On its north and east sides (Mr. Maundrell says F23) it is encompassed with a spacious and fertile plain; on the west it is washed by the Mediterranean sea; and on the south by a large bay, extending from the city as far as Mount Carmel:''

nor the inhabitants of Zidon;
a well known city in Phoenicia, belonging to this tribe, see ( Joshua 19:28 ) ;

nor of Ahlab, nor of Achzib, nor Helbah, nor Aphik, nor of Rehob;
two of these places, Ahlab and Helbah, are not mentioned among the cities of the tribe of Asher, ( Joshua 19:24-31 ) ; unless Helbah is the same with Helkath, ( Judges 1:25 ) ; of the rest, Achzib, (See Gill on Joshua 19:29), Aphik, and Rehob, (See Gill on Joshua 19:30).


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