This chapter treats of Samson's courtship, and marriage of a
Philistine woman, \\#Jud 14:1-5\\ of his meeting with a young lion as
he went courting, and of his slaying it, and afterwards finding
honey in it, \\#Jud 14:6-9\\, of a riddle which be framed out of this
incident, and put to his companions at his marriage to solve,
giving them seven days to do it in, with a promise of a reward,
\\#Jud 14:10-14\\ and of their solving it by means of his wife,
who got the secret from him, \\#Jud 14:15-18\\, which led him to slay
thirty Philistines, to make good his promise of thirty sheets and
changes of raiment, and to leave his newly married wife, who was given
to his companion, \\#Jud 14:19,20\\.