Judges 16:7

Judges 16:7

And Samson said unto her
In answer to her pressing solicitations:

if they bind me with seven green withs that were never dried;
the word is sometimes used for nerves, and cords or ropes; but neither of these can be here meant, since these, if moistened or made wet, are the less fit to bind with, and the drier the better; but rods or branches of trees just cut off, such as faggots are bound up with, or green osiers, which are easily bent and twisted, and may bind with; Josephus F21 calls them vine branches:

then shall I be weak, and be as another man;
which cannot well be excused from a lie; for Samson knew full well that being bound would not weaken his strength; but as he had fallen into one sin, it is no wonder he was drawn into another: unless this can be understood, as it is by some, as jesting with her; however, it shows that he was "compos mentis", as Josephus F23 observes, and was upon his guard with respect to the secret of his strength.


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