Judges 18:14

Judges 18:14

Then they answered the five men that went to spy out the
country of Laish
That were sent by their brethren, ( Judges 18:5 ) and, as it seems from hence, were sent particularly to Laish; they had some notion of that place as proper for them, and therefore sent those men to reconnoitre it; and now as they had passed this way before, when they came within sight of Micah's house, it put them in mind of what they had seen there; wherefore one in the name of the rest, and with their approbation, acquainted the company with it:

and said unto their brethren, do ye know that there is in those houses;
in one of them, pointing to the houses of a village or town in sight:

an ephod and teraphim, and a graven image, and a molten image?
of which see ( Judges 17:4 Judges 17:5 ) and no doubt but they acquainted them, only that they had seen them, and so were certain but had consulted them, and that with success:

now therefore consider,
say they,

what ye have to do;
whether it may not be proper to consult them again, or rather to take them with us, to consult as occasion may require, and as tokens and pledges of God being with us, and so may the rather hope that everything will succeed to our wishes.