Judges 19:11

Judges 19:11

And when they were by Jebus the day was far spent
Or "was gone down very much" F17, the sun was going down apace, and near setting:

and the servant said unto his master, come, I pray thee:
he proposed it to him in a submissive manner, and might use some entreaty for his master's good and safety:

and let us turn in unto this city of the Jebusites, and lodge in it;
for though that part of the city which belonged to the tribe of Judah was taken by them after the death of Joshua, yet that which belonged to the tribe of Benjamin, part of it was still possessed by the Jebusites, whom the Benjamites could not expel, ( Judges 1:21 ) and Ben Gersom thinks, that this affair of this Levite, and his concubine, was before the men of Judah fought against it, and took it; which not unlikely, seeing it is called here a city of the Jebusites, and because the Levite objected going into it on that account; whereas there would not have been much in his objection, if one part or it was in the session of the men of Judah, and the other in the hands of the tribe of Benjamin, though they had some Jebusites dwelling among them.


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