Judges 19:22

Judges 19:22

Now as they were making their hearts merry
With a glass of wine after supper, and conversing together in a cheerful manner about their country and friends:

behold, the men of the city, certain sons of Belial;
very wicked, lawless, ungovernable, worthless, and unprofitable creatures, men under the influence of Satan, and their own lusts:

beset the house round about:
that none might escape out of it, especially the Levite, his wife and servant:

and beat at the door;
to get entrance, either by those within opening to them, or by breaking it open:

and spake to the master of the house, the old man;
who, upon this noise and clamour made, came to the door, to inquire what was the meaning of all this: to whom they replied, saying,

bring forth the man that came into thy house, that we may know him;
not what manner of person he was, of what country and profession, whither he was going, and what business he had here; but that they might have carnal knowledge of him in an unnatural way, or commit that sin with him which is commonly called sodomy; and the men of Sodom expressed their lust by the same word, ( Genesis 19:5 ) .