Judges 19:30

Judges 19:30

And it was so, that all that saw it
The dismembered pieces of the dead body, and were made acquainted with the cause of it; for so Josephus F2 says, he gave the messengers a command to declare what was the cause of her death:

said, there was no such deed done nor seen, from the day that the
children of Israel came out of Egypt, unto this day;
meaning not so much the cutting in pieces the dead body, and sending it to different parts; though that was awful and shocking, as the complicated wickedness committed at Gibeah, which was the cause of it, to which reference is had, ( Hosea 9:9 ) this is an observation of the writer of this book, Samuel; but what follows are the words either of those the Levite sent, who were bid to deliver them to those to whom the pieces were sent, or else of the persons present at the time of the delivery of the pieces to them, or whom they got together to disclose the matter to:

consider of it, take advice, and speak your minds;
well weigh and think of the matter within yourselves, consult with one another what is proper to be done, and give your opinion freely without any reserve.


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